MS in Ecology Speaker Series - Dr. Camille Stevens-Rumann

Tuesday, November 10, 2020 6pm to 7pm

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Please join us to hear Dr. Camille Stevens-Rumann, a Fire Ecologist from Colorado State University, speak on 'Looking Back to Plan for a Changing World of Fire’. This seminar is part of the Ecology Speaker Series sponsored by the MS in Ecology program.

About seminar: Wildfires across the western US are altering landscapes and impacting human and ecological values. Climate change as well as land management practices over the past 150 years have led to changes in fire regimes and will continue to do so in the coming decades. As these changes occur, forest managers grapple with how to effectively manage pre-fire to avoid the next "catastrophic" wildfire as well as how to manage post-fire landscapes effectively. Indigenous communities worldwide are historical land managers of the very landscapes that we are now struggling to understand and manage effectively. Dr. Stevens-Rumann will discuss some of the lessons we can learn for traditional ecological knowledge to improve land management both pre and post fire, as well as recent research on post-fire recovery.


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