Join community members for a day of pullign the invasive annual grass, cheatgrass, from our alleys, lawns and public spaces inthe town of Gunnison.  This invader grows in town and then is spread by mountain bikers, hikers, runners, dogs and dog walkers, campers, hunters, anglers, and all of us as we contact the profuse seeds that attach to our socks, wheels, pant kegs, shoes, trailers, and dog's hair and then we spread them along trails and out from town into the more wild landscapes.  We will meet to address a significant probelm that alters the sagebrush ecosystem, changes it to a pure stand of a summer dead grass, that is pokey and unedible to anything.  By pullign the grass before it seeds out we can reduce it and save our sagebrush, our mule deer and elk, our sage-grouse and so mnay other species of wildlife.  We will help prevent wildfire and improve range conditions for livestock.  Thank you fo rneign part of the solution.  Great prizes are available as well as food, games and drinks.


WE appreciate our sponosrs:  Marios, Gunnison County, Sisk-a-dee, Gene Taylors and Colorado Parks and Wildlife

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