Monday, December 3

Lap  Swim

6 lanes open for Lap Swimming and Aqua Jogging

Lap  Swim /Athletic Rehab

6 lanes open for Lap and aquatic Jogging

Mathematics Seminar: Molecular Cages

Molecular Cages Taylor Allen Under certain conditions water forms ice cages that trap gaseous molecules such as methane. These cages are then stacked to...

Western Athletic Teams Use

Open to Western Teams. Lap lanes may be open!

Yoga Sculpt

Amazing workouts, cleverly disguised as fun. Group Exercise classes can motivate and inspire you to push yourself beyond what you thought possible. Here at...

ROE and ESS Meta Major Dinner

Come eat dinner and converse with faculty in the Recreation Outdoor Education and Exercise Sport Science departments to explore your majors of interest!...

Poetry with Light: Recent Films by Ben Balcom

The Film Studies Guest Filmmaker Series persents "Poetry with Light: Recent Films by Ben Balcom," screening Monday, December 3 at 7:30 p.m. in the University...

Open Swim

2 lanes for Lap swimming. Diving board, rope swing open.

Monday, December 3