Thursday, November 29

Open Swim

6 lanes open for aqua jogging or lap swimming

Lap  Swim /Athletic Rehab

6 lanes open for Lap and aquatic Jogging


Group yoga allows you to exercise your mind, body and spirit. Join us in the Mountaineer Field House Activity Room 1 to stretch and re-focus. All of our...

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu - Night

Amazing workouts, cleverly disguised as fun. Group Exercise classes can motivate and inspire you to push yourself beyond what you thought possible. Here at...

Research Perspectives on Winter Recreation Planning

Part of the Winter Travel Manegement Series. Join us for a free four-night series exploring winter use on public lands. This series will bring...

Spectrum Club Meeting

We meet at 7 p.m. on Thursday nights, in the LEAD office in the University Center.

Chamber Ensembles Concert: Brass Quintet, Saxophone Quartet, Steel Band

Join us to hear the Western Brass Quintet, Saxophone Quartet and Steel Band.

Open Swim

2 lanes for Lap swimming. Diving board, rope swing open.

Thursday, November 29