Wednesday, October 3

Lap  Swim

6 lanes open for Lap Swimming and Aqua Jogging

Lap  Swim /Athletic Rehab

6 lanes open for Lap and aquatic Jogging

Personal Finance for Students

What is a credit score? Is there such a thing as "good debt"? It it even possible to save money as a college student? Meet with representatives from Wells...

Western Athletic Teams Use

Open to Western Teams. Lap lanes may be open!

Dependable Strengths and You

This session will help you explore your hidden (and not-so-hidden) strengths so you can more effectively leverage them in your professional, personal, and...

Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness is a subtle yet powerful practice that invokes self-awareness, a deeper connection to your true-self, and loving-kindness towards yourself and...

Community Swim Lessons

Swim lessons 5:30-6:00pm T, Th Stroke Clinic 6pm-7:00pm T,W,Th

Game Night in the Library!

Hosted by the Library and the Gamer's Guild. You do not need to be a member of the Gamer's Guild to play! Just drop by and have some fun playing various...

Open Swim

2 lanes for Lap swimming. Diving board, rope swing open.

Wednesday, October 3