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Gothic Mountain Tour

Ski mountaineering competition in Crested Butte.

Supplemental Instruction - Chem 113 meets every Sunday at 6 pm

Cooper Wiens' Gen Chem 2 SI Session. Come practice some problems!

Computer Science SI Session meets every Sunday.

Computer Science II SI Session. Reviewing concepts to help understand C++.

ACC 202 SI Session

Supplemental Instruction for Accounting 202

This Calculus II SI Session meets every Sunday, Monday and Wednesday.

Come to the Calc II SI session to have extra practice on the material covered in class. Sunday nights: Library 317 Monday and Wednesday: Hurst 113

MATH 141 Pre-Calculus SI

Bailey Sharon (bailey.sharon@western.edu) will provide supplemental instruction on MATH 141 lectures every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday from 7-8 p.m. The...

Economics Supplemental Instruction

Suppimental Instruction for Econ 201

Math 151 SI Session occurs every Sunday.

Si Session Math 151 Held by Grace Adams

Bio 150 SI Session

Come spend some time with fellow classmates and an experienced SI leader reviewing information given during Bio 150 lectures.

This Econ SI Session meets every Thursday

SI Sessions review material covered in lecture and help students feel more confident and prepared for exams, quizzes, and overall performance in the course.